THe book

I'm so excited to announce the roll out of my new eBook ! What started out as a simple downloadable PDF wound up turning into my first ever published book.


This is only the beginning though. You can read along or go to the Podcast to listen to every episode read by me. 

Listen to my story, and learn lessons with me on your own journey to extraordinary transformation!

" Speaking from experience there is a magical moment when who you’ve become today recognizes the first step of who you’re becoming tomorrow. It begins to feel like some supernatural experience where you’re meeting yourself in the universe. "

We Can Do Extraordinary Things

We Can Do Extraordinary Things 

The Lessons I Learned On My Way To Extraordinary 

This is a mini-memoir and guide for women on their way to extraordinary. You'll get a taste of real stories, relatability, transformation, personal & professional development, and a little of the How-To on the side. Experience how it's all synergistically wrapped into the tastiest self-help burrito you've ever read or listened to. In this book, I answer my most commonly asked question, which is; what color lipstick is that? Jk jk that's actually the second. The first is, How did you do it? 

Listen ladies, I just wanted to take my story and craft it in a way that would entertain you, teach you, inspire you, and leave you with something to do about it. I wanted to call you out and speak directly to your heart. If you're hunt for more diverse female thought leaders, I would be honored to make your list of women longer than mine was.

So, to the woman checking this out, the woman whose soul is scanning this text for permission, support, encouragement, and any sort of invitation for you to do THAT THING you've been wanting to do...or maybe even just find out what that one thing is...this is for you...

Spice up your own journey to extraordinary today for only $9.99 !

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The Inspiration to Action Series 

Available with full audio read by the author, via podcast that breaks down the chapters into bite sized on-the-go inspo! You can follow along in the episodes play by play! Just check out, The Audacity To Be Ambitious Podcast, on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or any other podcast platforms. 

If you find yourself inspired to take action and want to begin taking measurable actions that will help you create real results in your life, then this FREE workbook is for you!

Don't you want to cultivate sustainable growth in 2022? That's why I'm doing it different this time and making my juicy self coaching content FREE for a limited time! After or while you're reading the book, write down what inspires you and break it down into bite-sized changes to help you get closer to the life you're longing to live!