The Life Coach For Female Entrepreneurs

Published Author, Graphic Artist, Web Designer, Online Business Strategist, Life Coach, & Founder of Coach Curator.


If you have ever felt insecure, buried under anxiety, shame, guilt, or impostor syndrome, while trying to grow your career or just yourself, Coach Curator has something for you.


Women grow and see success differently than men. Jess, helps women navigate their own self-love & self discovery along the personal and professional development journey.


Transform what's holding you back into the momentum that moves you forward. When you become aware of who you are on the deepest level and serve her to your fullest and highest expression; that's where the magic is! Feel empowered, inspired, enlightened, and can feed your ambition with the podcast, books, and audio books that have been created just for you.


So, take it to the next level with workbooks, journals, group coaching, which is all included a curated membership made by a woman like you, with you in mind!

I'm Here For My Purpose so you can step into Yours. . .

"Whether you're building your brand or building your life, I'm here to help you curate your life and curate your legacy, with the skills, insight, and experience for it all. 

I combine my wheelhouse of knowledge in a very unique way, I promise. I coach entrepreneurs and women around the world to powerfully pivot their lives and breakthrough to what they're called to do. With breakthroughs, come the unanswered ambitions, and mindset obstacles. Trust me, I've been there! It never fails; still small voices turn into screams and the things you've never done, or have yet to do, come calling and I'm here for that. 


With my voice, coaching, curated tools, and modern entrepreneurial knowledge I'm on a mission to serve and empower 1 million ambitious women on the path of connecting to the highest and fullest expression of themselves."


About The founder

Jessica Mejia

Latinx Entrepreneur

published author

Certified Life Coach

Business Coach

Podcast Host

motivational speaker

Graphic Artist

web designer

Branding & Marketing Expert

women empowerment advocate

we all start somewhere

Itwas after an insightful incident in 2018 that I started my entrepreneurial journey, and what a journey it's been! At the age of 29, I found myself with an unfinished degree and 2 mouths to feed. My husband was working but we were barely scraping by.


In an effort to change my life as a stay at home mom with outdated work experience, real estate was where I decided to start; and so I did. I quickly decided I couldn't grow under the thumb of a controlling broker. Despite what I was told, I switched brokerages and sold enough homes in under 6 months to drop real estate and start my own business.


Starting from scratch meant learning things on my own. My creative talents quickly turned into branding & marketing and my love for personal growth turned into coaching. Thus, Coach Curator was born from the marriage of these two areas. I wanted to inspire people to do what they've always wanted to do and have a way to bring it to life!

taking it to the next level

In my 3rd year of business I chose to become a certified life coach through world renowned Master Coach Instructor and creator of The Life Coach School, Brooke Castillo. After all, it was her podcast that helped me create exponential growth in both, my real estate and personal journey. Granted, coaching is unregulated, but I wanted to do this program in my first year but couldn't afford it. As a promise to myself, I completed the program in 2021 in a full circle moment. I enjoyed challenging my mind, and will never quit learning, growing, and most of all, taking massive action in order to be the change I wish to see in the world.


I've been empowering women by creating change within the foundations of this thought work and their untapped potential. I've created a variety of resources for women to tap into, despite the odds or fears they may face. Every piece of content here is intentionally created for them to learn in a way that meets them where they're at and can take them where they want to go.

all that and a bag of chips

Women empowerment is my overall mission, but occasionally, we work with men as Coach Curator expands its reach. Challenging them all to realize their own ambitions while offering support with any business strategy, branding, web design, and/or digital marketing. From solo entrepreneurs to multi-million dollar companies, Coach Curator has been curating lives and legacies in the express lane since 2019.

Take a deeper look into the intimate story of my life and what led me here! Click below and grab your coffee or green tea, and learn "The Why" behind my decision to transform my life and the lives of those around me in this unique way...