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Join Me on June 5th!

This is a LIVE Masterclass with me, and I'm here answer your questions about the changes you've been desperate to make!

Learn what I did to change my life, so you can change yours!...


Parenting? Stress? Thoughts? Health? Career?...I'm here for all of it bitches.

Replays will be available for anyone who signs life

and it's TOTALLY FREE!!!

No Excuses. Let's Fucking GO.

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The most comprehensive experience for validating, and inspiring women to  create a new & fulfilling life

masterclass for women

Hey Mama! Celebrate the launch of my dreams with me! You're invited to the series that not only shows you exactly how to create the change you've been looking for — but how to make it last… for good.



And my guess is that you have...

Experienced massive change, a big move, marriage, motherhood, or even loss that's pushed you to realize that you HAVE to create some sort of personal breakthrough to gain momentum?

Your life, body, and self have become somewhat unrecognizable, uprooted, or dramatically changed

Encountered hurdles like an unmotivated support systems that make it hard to keep the spark alive as you chase your big goals

Put everyone else's goals, health, or career ahead of even your most basic needs...


My Girl...


It's time to stop DREAMING about LIVING and let go of "getting by"

Learn how to build mental, physical, & emotional balance while bringing fulfillment and passion back into your life!

I'm a real life mom who's actually done it, I'm sharing exactly what I did to:

Overcome debilitating grief & loss


Lose 100lbs (safely & mindfully)


Start & grow a 6 figure business as a stay at home mom


Empower my rocky marriage & eliminate anxious motherhood vibes


Eliminate an identity crisis & discover who I needed to become


ALL in less than a year, with no degree, and only $12 dollars to my name. 

Now, I want to share the exact blueprint with you!


Your purpose is bigger than any obstacle you face!

Jessica Mejia_edited.jpg

Find the missing link between you, and a life you love 

This is for you if...

You're hungry for fulfillment and passionate about making something more of your future

Ready and determined to FINALLY create real change now that you'll have the steps laid out right in front of you.

Eager to learn from an actual woman who’s been through all of it her damn self with a comprehensive strategy and step-by-steps created for women like us!


Because damn…sometimes being a woman can feel hard AF.

I get it. It takes a lot of audacity to step out and choose to go for it!

I'm here to show you that your purpose is possible despite how it feels right now


....You ready?

A Membership For Female Entrepreneurs

“ I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible training yesterday.

Your words were so powerful I had goosebumps by the end. Last night was the first night ever I couldn’t sleep, because of excitement instead of fear, and I owe that all to you! ”


- Heidi

By the end of this you will have:

Clarity For Your Next Steps

Nailed down the next action you need to take - instead of just dreaming you'll be ready to start doing 

Renewed Your Energy

Generate a sense of purpose, passion, and ambition back into your mind! 

Brain Hacking Knowledge

Begin to leverage a basic understanding of your brain - discovering how to make it work for you instead of against you

Begin Creating Your Vision

Formed a vision - determining what you truly want your life to look, feel, and be like as well as what you don't want it to feel like.

Validated Your Intuition

Leveraged your intuitive calling - finally tapping into your potential and giving it the room it needs to take root and grow

An intro to real Thought Work

Crafted a constructive thought work model - which will propel your vision, goals, and potential forward and out of stagnation

But above all else...

By changing what you focus on, this series will inspire you to finally choose yourself as well as the courage to live your life on purpose, with purpose, consistently


I invite you to tune into the clarity that will help you make the priceless leap from dreaming to being. I promise, I won't leave you hanging!

“ I was there in the before, with Jess as my life coach, how could I fail in becoming a new me?

Jessica cares more than any other person I know. I have quite literally seen her give the shirt off of her back to someone. She is amazing to me! And with her guidance I will continue to break boundaries that I had never imagined even considering.  I would recommend her to anyone looking, to change their life, and to move forward. To be your best self.  ”


- Kim

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Need more purpose and passion to livin' up your personal life, intimate relationships, and professional drive?

You are meant for's time to become the woman who makes it happen.