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Motherless to Mompreneur

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I’m a neurodivergent, first generation Honduran-American, and a grown ass woman who was officially diagnosed with ADHD at age 32. I’m defying generational poverty and empowering ambitious women who have experienced socioeconomic, educational, and racial/ethnic adversities, as I have.

I became the first successful entrepreneur in my family after the loss of my mother in 2018 to preventable disease. She left behind a message that catapulted me into a massive transformation. After making quick work of real estate, I developed my business and sales skills, bought my first home, and funded my coaching business all within 10 months time. I also lost 100 pounds and lowered my cholesterol to ensure my health along the way.

Now, as a serial fempreneur, a motivational speaker for women, and podcast host; I’ve learned from, as well as, coached for the biggest moguls in the industry. After being told to take a back seat, I'm out to change that narrative and stepping in to the light.

I specialize in teaching women how to reframe their neural pathways. Using a core tool called, The Model, taught by Brooke Castillo. It's where we replace old thoughts with powerful vessels for awareness, growth, and change. This was how I created my own massive transformation at what seems like light speed.

Now, I coach extraordinary women who know they’re meant for more, and are ready to do something about it, before it's too late.  Whether it’s building their brand or building their life, together, we curate their life and legacy. We envision who they’re becoming, create new sustainable lifestyles, and fuel the mind and body that gets them there.


My clients have been first time entrepreneurs, doctors, psychoanalysts, healers, and multimillion dollar CEO’s of every flavor. I have found that each one of them is answering the call of being meant for more. In tandem with coaching and extracting their genius, I help bring their legacy vision to life through artistic expression and graphic design.

Whether it’s coaching the woman behind the brand or the brand behind the business, I know every dream deserves chasing and is worthy of being sought after.  I’ve made this my message and my mission.

Mentally, physically, financially, and successfully


I stand beside women who desire to transform their lives on the deepest of levels, across the board. I’m a way maker for the next girl who’s out to break glass ceilings and defy the odds that have been set before her. Throughout my transformation and immersion in the personal development industry, everyone's dream began to matter to me.

My Mother's Message Propels The Passion Behind My Mission

What did you really wanna know?

You may be here to hear about my 100 lb weight loss journey, or how I overcame postpartum depression, or maybe even how I came out of my identity crisis as a stay-at-home mom with no degree.


Maybe you'll be inspired because I grew up poor bouncing from home to home, at times having to carry water over from the neighbors to take baths, cook, or flush a toilet.

You could be here to learn about the story of my resilience and how even getting hit by a car and flat lining in life-flight couldn't stop me.

Maybe you want to know more about what I learned from a decade in the pageant system and even falling down stairs in a swimsuit on LIVE TV once. What you'll find in every instance is that I always got back up.


"I wonder if I've done enough yet in my life?"


This was my mothers last journal entry written just 2 days before she passed away. Talk about a wake up call... The pain I experienced while grieving was hands down the hardest thing I've done. In the face of a depressing reality I chose to transform what this could mean. In doing so, I have set out to ensure that every soul I inspire doesn't end up asking themselves something similar one day. Regardless of whatever you're here whatever way you've become inspired to take action, I don't mind, I'm just here to ensure that you do.

"Get up. Rise up. Create change.

Choose to deliberately live your life with purpose and passion. When we do this, we curate our lives, and curate our legacies, this is the echo of our purpose."

- Jessica Mejia

Get full story and all the Tea you need when you read my mini-memoire, We Can Do Extraordinary Things.

If you're looking to learn more about HOW it is that I gained the knowledge and technical skills to do what I do, it's because I have had my husband, Brandon Fahnestock, by my side. From the beginning I've been self taught, applying my already artistic and creative vision to the digital world. Behind the screen, I ran into my fair share of tear worthy roadblocks and that's when Brandon stepped in, but wait there's more...

He has played the role of the man in the chair to my superhero origin story. From watching me go crazy starring at screens when I was building and designing each and every digital aspect of my own business, he sat down beside me and helped me figure it out. Without either of us possessing the technical skills it required; he's been there through it all. 

Every aspect of Coach Curator has been consulted and approved, judged, and built with Brandon Fahnestock, who I permanently call the man in the chair, representing our love for super hero stories in both, #Marvel and #DC. 

Little did we know, that this would be the beginning of his own superhero origin story.


Read more about the man in the chair, Brandon Fahnestock, here!

The Man In The Chair