Coach Curator & The Start Of My Legacy

Updated: Apr 1

I created Coach Curator as a platform to launch my own fulfilling career. After finding my inner phoenix I rose quickly to the occasion of life. Making a comeback after obesity, eating disorders, identity crisis, postpartum depression, anxiety, and ultimately the loss of my mother to cancer...I decided not to settle any longer.

After finding her last notebook journal entry that read, “I wonder if I’ve done enough yet in my life?”...literally the last sentence she wrote in that journal...It catapulted me into a the transformation of a lifetime.

She considered us, her children, as her greatest accomplishment. But she never got to fulfill her own dreams of becoming a famous chef with a restaurant! And man, let me tell you...THIS WOMAN COULD COOK!!!!

In fact, Thanksgiving just passed and I consider it an epic win that I finally conquered her legacy cheesecake recipe with a little help from Martha Stewart lol.

I just knew I could never have her back...but I could create a legacy in her honor. So I began a journey of self discovery. You could say I learned how to drop every single habit that wasn't serving me and replaced them with 10 powerful ones.

In a nutshell, I set out on a mission to help other women bounce back and unveil the woman of their own dreams in an effort to save them from regret and pain of having missed the train. In meeting and coaching women around the world I found that 100 % of them focused on building families, or "more stable careers", before they decided to step out on faith and do something that their souls called out for them to do.

In the deepest part of my heart, I wanted to help every woman from feeling the unfulfilling fear that my own mother faced in her last days. This is what I chose to become my own compelling reason, or some call my ‘WHY’.

It has catapulted my career to into the stars and even had the opportunity to work under two of my mentors...Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, by helping them help other entrepreneurs scale their businesses! By coaching in the exclusive workshops in Scottsdale, Arizona I was quickly immersed in the coaching industry and have since set my roots deep into the heart of it.

Regardless of who you are, or who your coach is, I truly wish you the best in the growth of your career. I wish you fulfillment and heart pounding purpose!

Love the OG Coach Curator,

Jess, The Life Coach

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