“ I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible training yesterday. Your words were so powerful I had goosebumps by the end. Last night was the first night ever I couldn’t sleep, because of excitement instead of fear, and I owe that all to you! ”

H. Hood

Female Entrepreneur

I was there in the before, with Jess as my life coach, how could I fail in becoming a new me?

Jessica cares more than any other person I know. I have quite literally seen her give the shirt off of her back to someone. She is amazing to me! And with her guidance I will continue to break boundaries that I had never imagined even considering.  I would recommend her to anyone looking, to change their life, and to move forward. To be your best self.  

Kim G.

Female Entrepreneur

Jessica is definitely a whole MOOD! Working with her and getting the knowledge that she has is priceless! The way she gets you to evolve and feel like superwomen in your life and business is amazing!

If you are ready to make some changes, become ALL that you can be and all that you can offer to the world, definitely work with Jessica! 

Maria Berry-swan

stylist for professional women

Being coached by you is an absolute dream of mine. The day we first connected was the day I wrote my goals, in my better life journal. The #1 goal written in my journal is to be coached by you. I can see how much you pour your heart and soul into everything you do. I have no doubt in my mind you would help me surpass my wildest dreams.


You are such a heroic role model to me and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being yourself. Just from watching your success and listening to your guidance, you have given me the confidence to grow as a person and a business owner. 

H. Heideberg

Entrepreneur | freelance

Jess and I met in a professional setting. I found her to be SO different from anyone I’d met in a LONG time. We kept bouncing ideas off of each other and she quickly became my go-to for inspiration, cheerleading, motivation, and sound advice. I would recommend her to any woman that is looking to shatter ceilings and achieve goals. Jess’s ability to help you reach your potential and see what you’re capable of is untouchable because not only can she relate on some level to every single person she meets, she will help pull the brilliance out of your highest self! 

Jordan H.

real estate

“ For me it all started almost 3 years ago, when I listened to her podcast.  I knew I needed the right people in my life . Introducing my life coach Jessica. Check out her podcast! 

Alejandra G.

USAF & investor

You have to hear this out, I think—I hope I won't sound like making an overstatement or simply trying to flatter you, because that is NOT the case at all. I'm just so glad and grateful that I get to listen to your podcast, also especially while it is still blossoming from its root. I haven't listened to every single one of them YET, but everything that I've listened to so far is bringing me some QUALITY VALUE. And I think listening to these would also help me avoid some mistakes that I would've made in the future if I didn't hear these, and further empower me to do the right thing. Not saying I won't make any mistakes anymore, because I'm pretty sure I still would as a human, but you sharing your wisdom and story might've just lessened that. I'm especially loving Ep. 5 as I just finished listening to it. I'm a bit of a quote geek too. Haha!

L. Smith

Female Entrepreneur

I highly HIGHLY hiiiiiighly recommend Jessica. My brain was a knotted mess with ideas wanting to be birthed but my overthinking was keeping me from pulling the trigger. She is like the GODDESS of it ALL. She is like your badass Bestie who also happens to be a NINJA at design, content writing, marketing, websites, mindset shifts…seriously. She is the TURN KEY solution. I can’t tell you how EXCITED I was to see my ideas coming to life! You absolutely cannot go wrong with her. I never saw myself hiring a business coach, but it has been worth EVERY Penny! 

mindi l.

Spiritual coach for women