Brandon Fahnestock, Software Developer
Brandon Fahnestock, Software Developer

About Brandon Fahnestock

Hey, what's up! As you know by now, I'm Brandon, aka, the man in the chair for my wife Jessica Mejia-Fahnestock, the mastermind behind Coach Curator.

I'm proud to be the husband of Jess, father of our 2 amazing kids, entrepreneur, and now a software developer.


This isn't how it all started though, If you're wondering how a Marine Corps Infantry veteran and former State Trooper came to put software development in his cross-hares, then keep reading...

The Life Lessons That Led Me Here...

Coming from a family of veterans I knew I wanted to serve in the armed forces from a young age. That was if I couldn't be an NFL stud one day. Turns out, with my priorities mixed up in college, I had to choose a different route. Armed services, it was! I had to learn, and realized that I wanted to be a leader, and contribute to the world in a bigger way. So I went with what I knew, despite high ASVAB scores, active duty Marine Corps infantry called my name.

I enlisted in 2013 alongside my best friend, where we waited to leave for bootcamp until January 2014. In bootcamp, I excelled in the leadership I knew I was meant for and graduated as a platoon honor-man. After training I married Jess, and we moved across the country as I served 4 years stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. After spending the majority of my marriage either training or deployed, and missing the births of both of my children; I soon realized active duty life was not for me. In 2018, I left California with an honorable discharge and DD214 in hand.

By this point in my life I excelled in leadership, was an expert marksman, and also knew I didn't want to miss out on my children lives again. Despite the Marine Corps subpar efforts of executing "Transitional Readiness Program's" for marines like myself, I was not professionally ready for civilian life. Like many veterans I struggled with direction, and with my wife caring for our young children, I needed to act fast. I was in line at a DMV to get my CDL, in hopes to work for UPS, when I met a State Trooper who suggested I join the next academy training class. Shortly after, I signed up for a job with a significant role in leadership, a career I was already qualified for. With benefits included, this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. This involved a mandatory 6 months of training that required me to be separated from my family. Reluctantly, my wife and I agreed this was the best option we had.

Different Uniform Same Story

During this period I excelled in the academy, finding it an easy transition from military life. On the other hand, regardless of living in the same city as my family, I was unable help my wife the day she lost her mother to cancer. Due to the strict guidelines of the academy, I could not leave.This was the first red flag that this path might not be what we wanted it to be. Unfortunately, like many veteran families, we did what we had to do.

Once I finished the 6 months of training, and returned home to my family we thought this was was finally our chance to be together and watch our children grow. After another transition and move with my family, it was one year into being a State Trooper, that our lives changed again. This time, unplanned.

Insightful Incidents


On duty and in a rural area, I was dispatched, and first on scene to a domestic violence call. I was told there was an armed individual with a loaded shotgun. I showed up anyway, and on the night of November 5th 2019, my life and career changed forever. I pulled up to the scene, and stood outside next to my patrol car. It was then, that the individual raised his gun towards me. In an effort to save my life and the lives of others, I fired a shot in self defense. Despite our efforts to resuscitate the individual, we lost him in the aftermath. 


After this night, I was placed on administrative duty, and it has remained this way for over 2 years as I've awaited settlement for severe PTSD resulting from this incident. Even though I have served my country, and my state honorably; the state of Missouri has continued to fail me and my family. During administrative leave my family was disqualified from benefits, and I eventually stopped being paid workers comp. This left my wife as the unexpected sole provider for our family.


Sadly, this is the case for many honorable veterans and law enforcement officers. Many brothers sisters who have served are disregarded with collateral damage from a lack of resources to rebound. 

Veteran On The Rise

Overtime, with therapy and personal development, I knew that there had to be a way I could still work and contribute to the world. A way that didn't involve violence or politics. With no answers from the state of Missouri, I decided to go all in on helping my wife grow her business. 

After the loss of her mother 2019, my wife re-assessed her own life, and started Coach Curator. Although she primarily started in coaching, the knowledge she gained would be the keystone in Coach Curator's services. The ability for people to pivot their lives and begin ANY business with seamlessly integrated and fully automated online businesses was where she ended up. As my wife has become a recognized coach in the personal development industry she pushed me to continue helping her. From podcast producing, sound editing, and various forms of front-end development, we grew Coach Curator and other businesses alike. Helping everyone from therapists to multi-million dollar food and retail businesses show up and show out for their online audiences.

Cue Software Development 

As with any successful business, we've stopped to ask ourselves, how do we grow from here? All answers pointed to the world of software developers. If you're reading this then you probably know that one of the largest multi-billion dollar industries is none other than software development. Why is that? Because every business in the world is pivoting to an online presence right now. The global pandemic placed an unparalleled demand for this field and let's face it, as much as it might not seem like it...humans are evolving.

With this skillset we could advance our clients, and our own optimizations, applications, and integrations. Game changer.

I took the last of my GI Bill benefit and attended Claim AcademyTM, where I immersed myself in the more advanced foundations of coding. With the knowledge to take Coach Curator and other clients into the future, for once, this veteran was going to get ahead.

Purposefully, I aim for ambitious goals like working with larger companies to be able to learn from the best. All the while, accumulating knowledge to help our home business rise to the occasion of the most optimized companies out there. I'm excited to kick-off a career that no longer requires putting any part of my life on the line. I'm even more passionate to help fill the need for software developers by pointing the way for my veteran family. A better and safer alternative to life is out there and so many of them don't even know it yet.

Growing Remotely

I'm currently looking to join a major company and looking to learn from the best. My wife did the same in the personal development industry. She did what it took to learn personally from industry leading moguls like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Pete Vargas, and her personal favorite, Brooke Castillo.


Let's face it, the modern day work life balance looks different now. This veteran is determined to continue to grow personally and professionally, on all accounts. I'm grateful to say that I get to be present with my wife and help her maintain her own legacy and vision, re-create mine, all while being a present father and husband. Thanks to companies like Claim AcademyTM, it's now all possible for me. 

If you're a veteran reading this, click here to see if Claim Academy is right for you!

Check back for another update soon,

B. Fahnestock