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Life Coach For Female Entrepreneurs

about the|Shoppes

We're on a mission to create affordable and accessible turn key brands for extraordinary coaches who care about building a beautiful brand based on trust.

Abstract Structure

begins by
solving a problem.

The problem was that the branding world was a mess.
I've learned...


When you don't know any better, it all comes down to expensive marketing agencies that exploit 3rd party freelancers with sales teams that forget your name and don't implement your mission or values correctly; or you end up navigating your way through a questionable DIY process.

As a creator, coach, and consultant I get to play in the realm of pattern recognition, strategy, and creation. I've worked with many businesses in variety of industries. 

After hitting some milestone in the organic personalized sales arena, I wanted to test my limits while solving a real problem. This one.

So, as long as you're drop.dead.serious about turning that juicy idea into reality, getting off the fence, and taking action; I suggest you stick around! You deserve to find out what you're made of, and together, we can create that.

I want to help you weave together the most magical parts of yourself, your ambition, and purpose and watch your brand unfold before you very eyes…

The Shoppes at Coach|Curator 

The turn key solution to build your brand and create a powerful online presence! I'm talking downloadable sites, just like this one!

Curated website templates with easy to follow instructional videos for editing  and making it your own

A variety of curated color palettes whether your a maximalist or a minimalist

Stock photo groups to place on your assets until you can replace them with your own

Social media templates, workbook templates, and ebook templates that match your style of website and branding. Use them or don't, every package comes with them.

Downloadable Social media captions and prompts to help bring inspiration and creativity to your mind

Cues and prompts across your website template to tell you exactly what to write and where, including blog prompts!

A variety of Logo templates for different assets

A variety of email copy to get your basic email essentials ready to go for new subscribers and welcome packets

Contract templates for private clients

A list of my favorite business resources like easy to use merch, project management apps, and other necessary platforms to run your business like a pro

To wrap it all up with a bow ... I will have weekly classes available to ask your questions and get specific instructions or coaching around how to use your product and build your brand. You'll be able to customize and automate your coaching business so you can do more of what you love!

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