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I'm Jess, entrepreneur  & ambitious woman...


As a natural creator, I stumbled across the opportunity to build what's now known as Coach Curator, where I leaned to bring eye opening results to diverse executives, founders, and entrepreneurs in pursuit of purpose and clarity. Whether it’s breaking down consumer facing design or foundational personal development for leaders and teams, my impact brings intersectionality to creative innovation, business development, and sales psychology. 


By studying the human behavior, consumer analytics, and the latest in tech I have cultivated a unique and highly versatile process in business analysis to improve company sales, presence, and authenticity through digital transformation.


Now, I’m ready to amplify my contribution to the world and build relationships within future focused organizations. That being said, I’m excited to announce my pivot from the private contracting/organic sector of entrepreneurship to what’s ahead! 

Welcome to the sweet spot in my corner of the universe where I created BOTH a business supporting ambitious humans and a space for my creativity thrive!


Today, I’m proud to have created such an inclusive presence, and digital presence that has supported businesses in 7 different countries around the world. 

From solo entrepreneurs to multi-million dollar companies, Coach Curator has been curating lives and legacies in the express lane since 2019! Today, you'll find me still growing and expanding my reach, challenging people to realize their own ambitions all while offering support through a variety of resources such as business consultations, comprehensive brand analysis, and digital marketing and transformation.

If you wanna deep dive into the intimate details of what led me down this path take a look at my book, grab a drink, and learn the HOW and WHY behind the decision to transform my life and the lives of those around me in this unique way!

For people like me, entrepreneurship is quickest path to a meaningful career.


In these experiences and many others, I continue to see what I'm meant to do with this life.  Leaning into what it means to curate a fulfilling life keeps me steady in my purpose of guiding others in finding theirs.



Contracted by Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, & Russel Brunson to coach and consult international clientele in 2021 catapulted my business.

100k Award Recipient, The Life Coach School_Jessica Mejia.png

The Life Coach School

Receiving my Tiffany & Co. 100K award from CEO Erika Royal, for exceeding my sales revenue goal in my business.

Creating Opportunity

Speaking on stage at The Life Coach School Mastermind 2022 infant of 2,000 women and men; a moment I'd written down as a goal in 2019.

Jessica Mejia, Speaker, Coach Curator.jpg

Selling From The Stage

Training with Pat Quinn & Advance Your Reach to learn how to sell and storytell on world stages.

Coach Curator, Founder, Jessica Mejia_edited.jpg

" As impossible as it may seem, we see people defying odds, setting records, and creating massive change in the world. Without even realizing it, we begin to tap into this energy.

It reignites something inside of us, something that has been asleep for far too long; hushed by the requirement of normalcy. It’s something that’s been hidden by masking our true selves in order to please the invisible rule makers.

If you didn’t know it already, it’s all up to you. It’s okay to hand over the mic and let your soul do the talking, planning, and do-ing. You’ve now found yourself in a place where your childlike imagination is free to roam and your most passionate energies are invited to thrive in co-existence...

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