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Thought Shopping

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

How 90 Days of trying on new thoughts can help you leave behind what doesn't serve you.

What you want VS where you're at

Have you been wanting to feel better, but thinking it's too hard to even want to feel better when you don't want to do the things that will, in fact, make things better? I get it, been there thought that. I accidentally stumbled across a life changing method though...hear me out.

This theory and can be a sustainable process for your brain to create a new and equally powerful behavioral pattern as the old one you're trying to replace, if you're committed.

But HOW Jess?!

Any sustainable change you wish to create takes more than a "mindset". Am I right? It literally takes a new neural pathway! That's a minimum of 90 days to create a pathway and up to 200+ days to continue to strengthen it. Now, I've built an entire program based off of this science to help people create realistic, positive, and powerful change in their lives...but most of all ...sustainable. It's knowledge and a tool that can stay with you for a lifetime.

As a life coach, I wanted to take the regular positive mind numbing life coach lingo and turn it on its head. There's actually a science behind it. #Neuroscience. I may not *BE* a scientist but I am a nerd, and also, a woman who studied exactly how I created massive change in my life. and You was INSANE.

After my mother passed away I found her last written words. "I just wonder if I've done enough yet in my life". Deep...I know. That sparked a transformation based on the thought, "I need to make sure I make the most out of my life, and in her honor...even if I don't know how or even feel like it..". #grief

Within 10 months, I was able to:

  • Got my real estate license

  • Sold enough homes to start a business (with no mentor or help)

  • Took walks every day listening to business and personal development podcasts

  • Joined new networks online for support

  • Learned who Tony Robbins was...and listened

  • Joined one of his and Dean Graziosi's programs

  • Made enough money to pay off my husbands debt

  • Bought our first home

  • Started a coaching business

  • Coached women in 7 different countries

  • Began coaching the clients of Industry Dominating Moguls

  • And...lost 100 lbs

All because I increased my overall quality of thoughts, which changed my entire perspective of what was possible in my life. Every single new thought, planting seeds of possibilities for the next!

I went thought shopping.

I went thought shopping and only bought the most expensive and luxurious thoughts. At times they didn't feel real and I would often have to rent out belief in them from a documentary, book, or Tony Robbins podcast. Eventually...I owned those thoughts, truly and powerfully. And before I knew it I was hearing, "what happened to you?", "how did you you do it?" "Wow jess, you look GREAT?!" "Please tell us how?" and most memorably,"We'd like to have on our show, and interview you on your great success when facing adversity!".

Wow. I created noticeable change...but I did it for me, because I began to believe that I was worth it.

I observed that my life coaching was having an impact on the minds and lives of my clients consistently. I knew for sure that I was good, and that I had a process, well somewhat, but had to attribute it to more than just being a badass. But I didn't feel like it was official because I hadn't really understood WHY what I was telling them was working. The next part is where things got juicy.

Fun Fact:

The study of my own behavioral patterns helped me get diagnosed with ADHD at 32! And this is what drove me to hyper focus on WHY it worked like this for me, and WHY my clients also had success.

A couple of years later, I reverse engineered my every step. I researched why it worked for me. What caused the success, what caused weightloss, what caused me to make money?… 10,000 neuroscience books and articles later... My new signature program, 90 TO NEW was born...

If you'd like to know in detail of how I broke down my old routine and accidentally created new powerful neural pathways...sign up here!

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