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Why Fulfillment Takes Work

You can't escape your way to fulfillment!

What does this even mean?!

We escape all day through buffers like alcohol, tv, phones, sex..

You’ll never escape your way to joy. and, you’ll never escape your way to an extraordinary life!

Buffers like alcohol, tv, phones, sex, and food are little ways our brains distract us. it’s easy, it feels good, but what our sweet little mushy brains are not hardwired to deal with, is how we are evolving as human beings.

Our bodies and minds need to be aligned with things that fulfill us, not empty calories. buffers are like the empty calories of life! they taste good for a second but don’t help us become healthier!

So, you spend all this time on meaningless tasks and then we sit here and wonder why we’re not happy. then we play the blame game and drink it or eat it away …then the next day roles around until we die.

Sound exciting? nope.

So…replace the every day meaningless activities in your life with a little bit of growth.

because pretending your happy won’t lead to fulfillment, only your demise.

short and sweet today, my friends.

Love, Jess

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