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Ambitious Women & Coaching

Why Ambitious Women Thrive With Coaching

AMBITION : A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.
  • I Dropped 85 pounds and counting

  • Strengthened my marriage

  • Completely transformed my outlook on life

  • Started the business of my dreams

  • Bought a new beautiful home for my family

  • Expanded my understanding as a wife and mother

  • Gained physical and mental strength and endurance

  • Simplified my life and who I place in it

  • Simplified decision making

  • Built an outstanding level of confidence and love for myself

  • Created my own purpose

  • Learned to handle grief constructively

These are only a few things that touch on the transformation that’s taken place in my own life! now, i’ve set out to help other women do the same. why? because i know there’s women out there like me, who are sitting idle on their dreams, because they don’t quite know how to go after the life they desire or they’re stuck in pain.

i made it my life’s work to help women find and ignite the spark to change their own lives. to help guide them to what their own personal vision of fulfillment is.

we’re women, i mean…maybe, depending on who’s reading this…

but we’re always trying to get the job, be the wife, the mom, and you know it… have the body. you don’t have to, but i can go ahead and check off all those things because i wanted every single one of em! here’s what i’ve learned though;

it’s okay to want it all and it’s okay not to.

but it’s not productive to want it all, and try to hate yourself to your goals. nope, not gonna happen.

whatever brings you fulfillment is what you need to go after. i’m here to say that after an all time low, a significant identity crisis, a 100+lb weight gain, two babies while my husband was deployed, a bumpy marriage, and ultimately losing my mother to cancer… i had nowhere to go. nowhere to go, but up.


It was in the face of adversity that I chose to go to work on myself with no answers in sight


Was it worth it, yes. Was it terrifying, also yes.

Change is scary no matter the circumstance! whether it’s a new job or new hair! so why are you listening to a woman who’s been there done that? because in the end, i know what you’ve faced, i have felt you give up, i have felt you battle depression and need to be there for those little eyes looking up at you. i have been on the ground with you when you had the breath knocked out of you by life knowing full well that you had to put yourself aside and stand up for your family. i have been there with you being pelt by the ads to lose weight, or told to gain weight if you lost too much! i’ve read the quotes that say to love yourself, but nothing and no one tells you how to do that. i’ve heard people say, “it gets easier”, while it only felt harder.

I’ve been there with you cheering on your sisters and envying their successful careers silently because we wanted something of our own too. i’ve been with you when you looked into the mirror and couldn’t find someone worth loving. i’ve smiled with you when people told us that girls are prettier when they’re happy. i’ve bought the plans, subscribed to the workouts, made the goals, and drank the damn wine when it all fell through. i’ve tried the things, felt like a failure, experienced rejection, and fallen more times than i can count.

but that ambition though. that’s what makes it past tense for me…through determination and hard work, i built a life around a mindset that’s damn near impenetrable…i’ve been there! when you know somethings missing, face it…you’re not gonna find it in another diet or Netflix series!

After looking into everything else to find what was missing…it turns out it was me.

i needed to show up for myself in my own life…and so do you.

listen. you want the job that creates fulfillment? get coached

You want the body? whichever version makes you happy and carries you with strength and purpose through this life… get coached

You want the mindset that empowers you, and launches you into the life you know you deserve? whether it’s more confidence, joy, clarity, or belief … get coached

I sought personal development, coaching, and all the self help. i lived it, breathed it, repeated it, and applied it. i did the werk and my life changed. This requires nothing but you, my friend. you and a coach.

Love, Jess

p.s. listen to the podcast or follow me on social to keep up with my unstoppable transformation!

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