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The coaching-consulting-&-creation agency, inspiring the future of entrepreneurship & marketing through creative innovation!

Hey! I'm Jess, the founder of coach|curator! Leading with our core values, we help entrepreneurs and companies across every industry pioneer creative horizons to connect with customers in a whole new way. Coach|curator empowers its clients through education and consulting to better understand the fundamentals of design and human connection — driving their engagement and customer experience, cultivating new paths, and improving the overall human experience through design, on both sides of the screen.


If you believe that we have the power to enlighten our everyday human experience by bringing mindfulness, inclusivity, and innovation to everything we do– you’ve come to the right place.

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hey! its me, jess

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Wondering how you can build or brand a professional coaching business ?
well, you've got options!


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Knowledge Is Power
At The Shoppes

Ready to build out your brand and professional online presence step-by-awesome-step with curated templates, palettes, website, emails, socials, copy, prompts...and more?


Oh, and don't sweat, I will personally be there by your side.

This is for the ambitious do-it-yourself-er. Ya know, the entrepreneur who wants to know just enough to be dangerous. Understand the fundamentals of branding, what you need and when, so you can feel confident investing in your time and money, knowing that it's fueling your purpose, not sucking it dry.


It's also a perk that it saves some overhead too without cutting out the quality. So, what do you say? Join me in exploring, learning, and implementing the your future brand.

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"She is the TURN KEY solution. I can’t tell you how EXCITED I was to see my ideas coming to life! You absolutely cannot go wrong with her."


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Stay connected, entertained, and inspired!

See you soon!



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Feeling motivated and productive has never been so easy! Ready to be INSPIRED to ACTION?!


Listen for relatability, and bold, actionable insights to start flowing through your earbuds until you're inspired to action. The Audacity To Be Ambitious Podcast has earned its spot as top motivational listening for thousands of results-driven ambitious women around the world.


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We Can Do Extordinary Things : The Lessons I Learned On My Way To Extraordinary


" I am not a big reader but couldn't put this down. It touched on so many aspects of the life I am working towards. I definitely connected. Super easy and fun read, even has actionable items which I always love. Would (and will) recommend! " 

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