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Yes, this is a sign, you belong here, and I'm so grateful you found me! Below you'll find some resources to help you get started on getting inspired, taking action, and cultivating courage as you learn to walk in your purpose and continue to rediscover yourself, dreams, and new ambitions.

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The Lifestyle Detox

This is not about's about spaces...Make Better Choices & Define Boundaries That Support Your Highest Self

 When You Don't Know Where To Start taking action...Just Start Here

A Wellness Guide

Discover and Create The New Focus & Energy Needed For Your Ideal Lifestyle

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Life & Business Coach
Podcast Host & Author

Through her passionate mission of serving women like you she's built a thriving business, a top-rated podcast, published books, and coached women around the world. Jess has inspired a grounded, tangible and self-affirming sense of “Holy Sh*t! I really can do this” for thousands of women.

She proves that by moving away from old thought patterns and into life action, every woman can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, and instead generate exciting momentum as they move closer to building both, a life and legacy they love, without sacrificing anything along the way.

life coach for women


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“Working with Jess has been amazing, I was able to work on my business branding, and make really impactful decisions. I had gained clarity and a strong sense of direction in my business. It was great to take existing and NEW concepts to a whole new level. This has saved me so much time and energy. 


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Our Story

Once Upon A Time...

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Coach Curator was conceptualized in 2018 and became official in January 2019. As an artist and do it yourself-er I founded Coach Curator after building my own coaching business and finding that all of my clients were seeking to start or grow a business idea.

After gaining clarity, insight, and courage they would 99% of the time need help with branding, marketing, web design, and more. Because I started out on my own, having to teach myself everything, including web development, I slowly but surely integrated the option to help these clients with their digital debuts!
Almost 4 years later I'm excited to say I've helped entrepreneurs around the world curate, both, their lives and legacies through life coaching, branding, digital marketing, and business coaching.

Coach Curator was coined because I was BOTH a Coach and a Curator, and still am to this day. The first concept was Coach and Curator, but with my marketing savvy thoughts, I knew I should drop the "and". The "and" was replaced with a vertical line, but eventually dropped, when I became inspired by Jasmine Star's "Social Curator" after she helped me get my social media in order. With her I learned less is more, and "Coach Curator" was born.


On The Move?

Feeling motivated and productive has never been so easy!  Listen for relatability, and bold, actionable insights flowing through your earbuds. The Audacity To Be Ambitious podcast has earned its spot as top motivational listening for thousands of results-driven ambitious women like you.

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This isn't a review, this is my story.

Listen... so many people want to transform 
their calling to serve into a coaching career and there is ZERO easy to follow paths for this. How do I know? Because I was a degree-less stay-at-home mom with outdated work experience when I decided to dive into the coaching industry, SOUL FIRST. If you're human, then you know there's no career advisors recommending this, and most people get laughed at when they make the dreaded announcement, I'm gonna be a life coach.

Regardless of judgment, the global coaching industry is leading in growth; so how do people know where to start? Google led me down a trying path when I found myself typing, "How to become a life coach", and here's what I found.
Yes, it's true, anyone can call themselves a life coach. Does that mean that all coaches can't be trusted? And what about the International Coaching Federation? We'll refer to them as ICF, from now on, but keep reading to see what's up.
Long story short, ICF is just another group of entrepreneurs who make millions from creating their own standard of training. Do they have any governing authority with legal implications? No. Are they bad people? Also, no.

So, what's the difference between ICF and The Life Coach School created by Brooke Castillo? It's simple for me; one changed my life, and the other didn't. And before you ask, yes, I have completed programs from each organization.

Curious as to why I chose Brooke Castillo as my mentor before I ever even knew what coaching was, and how after experiencing both ICF and LCS programs, I had extraordinarily opposite results?

...keep reading to find out

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