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A powerful brand takes the audience on a journey through the marketing process. Why? Because humans are inspired and guided to action through words, elements, graphic design, intuitive layouts, and more. Any brand is capable of contributing to growth and impact through inclusive and authentic content. One way to do this is by integrating talent beyond their wheelhouse. This allows them to proactively explore creative innovation, inclusive marketing, and epic storytelling through representation and neurodiversity.

As a first-generation American, I'm an alternative expert in the industry. With a neurodivergent brain, my inherent creative ability and analytic mind aren't constrained to pre-learned material, making me more likely to craft innovative solutions on the regular. Filled with sensory information, I consume and process a greater extent of content at once, while simultaneously-banking ideas for the future.


When companies share their vision with me, it begins to unfold in my mind like a deeply layered virtual reality experience. So, imagine a math prodigy/engineer in a hit TV series, but instead of numbers & buildings, I see data as a correlation between neurological impulse, psychology, and design.

You might not know me yet, but you will...



I'm Jeica Mejia

Coach or creator?! Funny story, but I am BOTH. You've found me at a time where I'm unmasking a side of myself that's been hidden for most of my life. The part of me that wants to change lives, but also seek out my creative endeavors. For whatever reason you're here, I’m really glad you found me. This site is full of incredible resources and ideas that can help you change your brand (or your life) . Here’s a quick run down so you can find what you’re looking for and we can start something meaningful together. 



turn your vision  into defined 


I get it, I've been there. It's easy to feel like the odds are stacked against you. But that stops here! As part of my dream to make personal and professional development more accessible for women, I'm going against the grain. I'm defying what every coach & mentor has told me. I'm giving it all away.


We Can Do Extordinary Things

" I am not a big reader but couldn't put this down. It touched on so many aspects of the life I am working towards. I definitely connected. Super easy and fun read, even has actionable items which I always love. Would (and will) recommend! "

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" Our website alone just landed us a huge distributor. I just wanted to pass along the good news  & say thanks."

S.I., CEO, Missouri

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Feeling motivated and productive has never been so easy!  Listen for relatability, and bold, actionable insights flowing through your earbuds. The Audacity To Be Ambitious podcast has earned its spot as top motivational listening for thousands of results-driven ambitious women like you.


In An


"The ins and outs of the coaching industry & my secret to rapid-meaningful success..."

This isn't a review, this is my story.

Listen... so many people want to transform 
their passion to serve into a coaching career and there is ZERO easy to follow paths for this. How do I know? Because I was a no-degree-havin-stay-at-home-mom when I decided to dive into the coaching industry SOUL FIRST. If you're human, then you know there's no career advisors recommending this, and most people get laughed at when they make the dreaded announcement, I'm gonna be a life coach.

Regardless of judgment, the global coaching industry is leading in growth. The most forward thinking brands are introducing it into their work-life and top executives are attributing their success to it. So how do people know where to start? Google led me down a messy path the day I found myself typing, "How to become a life coach", and here's what I found;
Yes, it's true, anyone can call themselves a life coach. Does that mean that all coaches can't be trusted? And what about the International Coaching Federation, and who are they exactly? We'll refer to them as ICF, from now on, but keep reading to see what's up.
Long story short, ICF is just another group of entrepreneurs who make millions from creating their own standard of training. Do they have any governing authority with legal implications? No. Are they bad people? Also, no. They're just out here tryin to make a buck.
So, what's the difference between ICF and The Life Coach School created by Brooke Castillo? (where I got certified) It's simple for me; one changed my life, and the other didn't. And before you ask, yes, I have completed programs from each organization.

Curious as to why I chose Brooke Castillo as my mentor and master coach instructor? Before I ever knew what coaching was, before completing ANY programs, she changed my life forever.

keep reading to find out how...

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